Press Release - March 19, 2007

High-end, specialty grocer - Zaccaro's Market - preparing for March opening in Midtown

Reprinted from Model D Media Website.

By the end of March, Midtown will have a proper full-service specialty food market.

Zaccaro's Market will occupy 7,000 square feet in the Crystal Lofts on Woodward in Brush Park and aims to bring a level of quality to a city grocery store that has yet to be seen.

Its full deli will carry approximately 100 imported cheeses and 70 imported deli meats, with an emphasis on cured Italian meats like prosciutto. Fresh meats such as beef, chicken, veal and pork will also be available, many of them organic and/or grass-fed. Seafood will include trout, salmon, walleye, oysters and mussels.

Proprietor Cindy Warner likens the grocery selection to that of a Papa Joe's or Whole Foods, offering high-end oils, baking products, sauces, dips and tapanades. A full wine room will carry several thousand bottles ranging in price from $5 to a couple hundred. An on-site sommelier will assist customers with food and wine pairings.

Zaccaro's will also sell prepared foods, including salads, pates and entrees. Its bakery will offer rustic and pan breads along with sweets, and there will be full produce, frozen and dairy sections as well.

Coffee and espresso will be available, and a large open kitchen in the center of the store will be a stage for cooking classes and demonstrations.

Warner decided to open this, her second location, just weeks after opening her first Up North in Charlevoix. A chance meeting with Dwight Belyue, the developer of the Crystal Lofts, convinced her of the location -- although Detroit itself was not a tough sell. Warner spent most of her career working downtown and has long been bullish on its prospects. "I've been watching Detroit's progression and have been fascinated by it," she says.

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